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October 30th, 2015

Filipe Toledo Wins Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Filipe Toledo has just won the Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Going into Pipeline this is where things stand today


May 28th, 2012

CJ Hobgood’s Top 10 Goofyfooters

Reading the newest issue of Surfer Magazine where they had CJ’s top 10 goofyfooters of all time. CJ picked Rob as being “the top three goofies ever” and then went on to say, “I really wish he had worked on his surfing the last 10 years and not his image”. CJ, we coudn’t have agreed with you more.

CJ’s top 10 in no particular order:

10. Gabriel Medina
09. Damien Hobgood
08. Bobby Martinez
07. Kalani Robb
06. Rob Machado
05. Nathan Fletcher
04. Christian Fletcher
03. Luke Egan
02. Tom Carrol
01. Mark Occhilupo
(we are guessing his good friend Cory Lopez just missed the list)

Rob, what’s it going to be, your hair or surfing?