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November 5th, 2011

New Surf Magazine Coming Out

Name: Bummer
Publisher: Kai Neville
Editor: Travis Ferre (former editor of Surfing Magazine)
Graphic Artist: Scott Chenoweth (former art director of Surfing Magazine)

Yadin Nicol and Kolohe Andino playing with fireworks. Photo: Dane Reynolds

October 5th, 2011

Editor In Chief Travis Ferre Steps Down From Surfing Magazine

Travis Ferre’s last day as the editor in chief at Surfing Magazine was yesterday where he replaced years ago Evan Slater who is now working at Hurley. The new position that will replace Travis will be associate editor Taylor Paul. We do not know the complete details but the word is Travis will be joining forces with Kai Neville (videographer) who brought you Modern Collective and his most recent Lost Atlas.

Travis Ferre one of the many editors moving in a different direction (editors we recall that have been at Surfing Magazine; Nick Carroll, Dave Gilovich, Peter “PT” Townend, Jamie Brisick, Steve “Zeldo” Zeldin, Jesse Faen, Evan Slater, Pete Rocky and ??)

Kai Neville with sufers Julian Wilson and Dion Agius filming for one of his movies.

October 5th, 2011

Surfing Media No Longer Allowed In Salina Cruz, Mexico

You would expect something of this from Stab Magazine, but yet this has come from Surfing Magazine who have for many years had there staff photographers shooting photos at Salina Cruz, Mexico. Local Salina Cruz surfer and surf camp owner Cesar Ramirez writes, “I hearby advise everyone that there has been a meeting between the local surfers in Salina Cruz including all the surf camps and as a result to this disgusting article … as of now, for 2 years foreign photographers and videographers are not welcome in Salina Cruz, doesn’t matter what surf team or what magazine they work for.” Full story here